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19 Examples to Inspire Your Dream Puzzle Room

Instagram is the perfect place to find inspiration for your dream puzzle room and puzzle organization needs! We put together a selection of Instagram puzzlers (in no particular order) with puzzle room aesthetic goals as well as a list of the best puzzle accessories to help you get started. 

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karenpuzzles IG
Karen's YouTube channel and Instagram is full of amazing content. Over the summer, Karen set up these puzzle shelves in her new studio and it makes the perfect backdrop to her puzzle videos! 


puzzle table
Melanie, based in Western Mass, has the perfect set up! This magnificent table is perfect for preventing "puzzle neck" and still allows space to keep her sorting trays and coffee mug on deck. Her adorable dog also cozies up on the side when puzzling! 


 puzzle room
Ashley and her daughter, Kiara, have a stunning home in Singapore. Their living room just speaks to all my puzzle and interior design senses! 


puzzle shelves
Rebecca's hubby gave her the best birthday gift of all - an upgrade to her puzzle room! It was amazing before but now it is extra dreamy! 


puzzle room
Have you seen Michaela's beautiful puzzle room?! It features a large puzzle table with raised edges and a great view of her collection.


puzzle room
Tucked in the corner of this room, Fay has an awesome set up that allows for natural light while puzzling, an L shaped puzzle station, & her favorites decorating the walls. 


puzzle shelf
Monica's wooden bookshelf is the perfect vessel to feature her jigsaw puzzle collection. An elegant & timeless addition to any home. 


puzzle collection
Kate's IG bio is spot on: "Pediatrician by day, puzzler by night." This impressive collection isn't even close to half of what she owns! 


puzzle shelf

Monica, based in NYC, displays her collection on a beautiful glass shelf and it is just as aesthetically pleasing as her IG feed! 


puzzle shelfpuzzle room
Marc & Lyn are literally the cutest puzzle couple on IG! Check out there sweet set up and puzzle collection. 


puzzle room
The Halloran's apartment surrounds them with their works of art! What an amazing feeling to work on a puzzle in a home art gallery. 


puzzle shelf
Sarah has an cozy puzzle corner that allows easy access to all her favorite puzzles. Convenience is key!


puzzle table and cushions
Demet from Antalya, Turkey has cute puzzle cushions that surround her puzzle table. Fun & functional!


puzzle tree
The holidays are coming up & we think this puzzle tree is just too cute. Make way for all the puzzles on our Christmas list! 


home design
 While Kellie's IG is not a puzzle account, her living room is so unbelievably cozy and sits a beautiful antique pine dining table in the middle that is typically covered in puzzles. 


puzzle shelf
Grey has a beautiful set up for all her hobbies in one place! This is the definition of a happy place. 


puzzle room
Kelly displays her most beautiful, favorite puzzles in her living room. If you look closely, each shelf level showcases a different brand.


ravensburger collection
Liza has a remarkable Ravensburger collection (this is only part of it!). Her puzzle room also features her puzzle table & her tripod set up. 


puzzle shelf
Grace from Sydney, AUS has a wooden puzzle shelf that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye inside, outside, and above! Not to mention, her IG feed is beautifully crafted with creative videos and puzzle shots.
I hope these examples have given you some inspiration on your dream puzzle room! If you would like to submit your puzzle room and shelves for a chance to be featured, please email your photos to info@thepuzzlesensei.com.

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