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Genius Puzzle Hacks You Need to Know

genius hacks you need to know

Ever wonder how to get rid of puzzle dust or DIY a puzzle table? Between my experience and the puzzle pros of IG, we crafted a list of puzzle tips and tricks. These puzzle hacks will help you save money, prevent future headaches, & overall make your puzzling experiences more enjoyable. 

Puzzle Dust

1. Colander Method: This is my personal favorite method.

puzzle dust tip with colander

Puzzle Hack: Place a colander on top of the puzzle box lid and pour the puzzle pieces into the colander. Shake it around a couple of times to sift out all of the dust. This leaves you with just the puzzle pieces and allows for easy disposal of the dust. 

2. Dryer Net Mesh Bag: Thank you Debby Parrish for this wonderful idea & photo example.

puzzle dust tip

Puzzle Hack: Place all of the pieces into a net bag, secure the top, and place it in a box. Using a handheld vacuum, vacuum the dust out of the bag and box! Shake the bag and repeat this process until it is dust free. 

3. Mini Vacuum: If you forget to do step 1 or 2, or just couldn't be bothered, this method is for you. 

ladybug vacuum

Puzzle Hack: Jen from @puzzleknucks suggested using this cute, portable, ladybug vacuum and it easily takes the dust right off the table.

Puzzle Table

1. DIY Puzzle Table: This project is perfect for anyone looking for a puzzle table on a budget. 

Puzzle Hack: Use an old corkboard and pin a huge piece of felt on top. To take it even further, create a wooden table aisle stand to help prop it up! 

2. Higher Puzzle Table: Need to add length or height to a puzzle table?

puzzle table riser

Puzzle Hack: Bed risers are the answer! Easily found in most home stores, lift up your puzzle table with bed risers to prevent puzzle neck and a sore back.  Eb from @puzzlefreeordie took it a step further and raised their puzzle table even higher with books to level it with their kitchen island to accommodate large puzzles!

3. Wine Holder: Are you a wine lover but afraid to spill it on your puzzles?

wine holder for a puzzle table

Puzzle Hack: Monica from @puzzledabouteverything created the ultimate wine holder into her puzzle table. 0% risk, 100% wine & puzzles. 

4. Lazy Susan: Don't want to reach so far for the pieces you need? 

lazy susan

Puzzle Hack: Jen from @puzzleknucks suggests using a mini Lazy Susan turntable instead of regular sorting trays. It can also double as a puzzle table for smaller sized puzzles and provides extra security since it has a lip around it. If you want a version that has a nonslip rubber to keep the pieces in place, she recommended this Lazy Susan.


Puzzle Pieces

1. Broken Pieces: Trying to repair a puzzle piece that frayed or a nub that broke off? 

tombow aqua glue

Puzzle Hack: Diane from @bizzlepuzzles suggests using Tombow Aqua Glue! This glue features a small tip for easy application and dries clear. 

glue to fix a puzzle piece

Puzzle Hack #2: If applying glue to a nub that broke off, Diane suggests gluing it to a neighboring piece shown in the picture above. Wipe off any excess glue to the side of the pieces. Thank you Diane for these tips!

2. Glued Puzzles Stuck: When stacking your glued puzzles on top of each other, they tend to stick together and can damage the print.  

Puzzle Hack: Place wax paper or foamboard in between the puzzles to keep the puzzles separate and prevent sticking. Make sure the wax paper is acid free to prevent any damages to the puzzles. 

3. Loose Fitting Pieces: Don't you hate when you move a finish section around and it just falls apart??

carrying puzzle pieces over

Puzzle Hack: Use a spatula to help carry the pieces over! If you are extra fancy, I've heard the Ceaco Puzzle Scoop works great.

4. Puzzle Storage: Puzzle didn't come with a resealable bag? Don't fret!

ziplock puzzle pieces

Puzzle Hack: Place your pieces in a ziplock bag. If you knock it over, it will stay together and also prevent bugs from getting into it. If you want to go a step further, keep the edge pieces in a separate bag. 


Have you tried any of these hacks? Let us know if you have any hacks of your own! 

Puzzle Sensei


  • Tracey

    Thanks for these awesome tips.
    The leg risers are game changer!!

  • Nicole

    Some puzzles don’t come in boxes with a lid. So, I taped the top of an empty cereal box shut and cut away the back. Instant puzzle tray!

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