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11 Unique Gifts for a Jigsaw Puzzle Lover

There are plenty of jigsaw puzzle accessories that we've mentioned in our previous blogs that would be great gifts but we wanted to kick it up a notch. Here are 11 unique gifts to get your favorite jigsaw puzzle lovers (including yourself) this holiday season.

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1. Puzzle Queen Shirt - ComelyTrend $19.99+ 

puzzle queen shirt

Casual but accurate - this shirt is perfect for your BFF to puzzle in, do errands in, and be a queen in. 

2. Jigsaw Puzzle 4PC Cookie Cutter Set - HYQO $5.48

puzzle cookie cutters

Cookies made even better. This 4PC jigsaw puzzle cookie cutter set makes baking all the more fun. 

3. Kenjay d'Orsay Pumps - INC International Concepts $99.50

puzzle heels

Need shoes for a night out? Look no further! These stunning pumps will capture your puzzle pal's favorite hobby in an elegant fashion. Pro tip from @bizzlespuzzles, order an entire size up because they are very narrow in the toe area.

4. Lexini Two-Piece Sandals - INC International Concepts $89.50

 puzzle sandal

To second that - if you prefer sandals instead of pumps, this pair is the way to go! Love a good block heel.

5. Puzzle Piece Silicone Trays $9.88

puzzle piece tray

The options are endless for what you can make in these trays - ice, soap bars, bread, chocolates, the list goes on!


6. Puzzle Felt Bulletin Board $14.99

puzzle felt board

Perfect for the puzzle addict that decorates their walls, showcase pictures, and write messages! 

7. Puzzle Rug - RugCosi $50+

puzzle rug

Rugs always make a home extra cozy - RugCosi offers a few color variations of puzzle rugs!

8. Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table - Unnecessary Inventions $169

puzzle coffee table - unnecessary inventions

This coffee table is a puzzle in itself and must be assembled before using (as a coffee table). How fun is that?!

9. Dining Table with a Hidden Puzzle Compartment - Amantea Woodwork $2300+ CAD

puzzle table

This BEAUTIFUL oak/maple/walnut table is customizable to fit your dining room and can double as a puzzle party table for entertainment after your delicious meals. 

10. Puzzle Wood Flooring - Jamie Beck with Collection (Custom)

puzzle wood floor

Alright, this one might be a bit excessive to gift to a friend but who says you can't gift it to yourself?! #selflove

11. Puzzle Sensei Set - $75

puzzle sensei puzzles

Perhaps the best gift of all to a jigsaw puzzler is a jigsaw puzzle. Our puzzles make for the perfect gift as they feature original food themed artwork, fun facts, and a bonus recipe for a robust food and puzzle experience! 

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  • Diane

    Could you imagine a puzzle room with that puzzle floor, rug, and coffee table? Perfection!

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